I just want a regular old pilsner!

Dude’s logo

The Power of Twitter

Honestly, I use Twitter a lot, but I find it can be a pretty toxic place. It does however come in very useful for finding indie developers and their games.

Wonderfully animated characters and backgrounds

The Back-Story

I won’t give away too much of the plot because I want you guys reading to go and play this for yourself. But here’s the gist of it.

Classic Point and Click Style

So let’s talk a little about what you can expect from Dude, Where is my Beer.

Classic point and click verb interface

Music & Animation

One of my favourite things about Dude, Where is my Beer is the soundtrack that plays throughout the game.

The Viking Bar has some great music playing in the background

Potential Improvements for “Dude 2”

Throughout my time playing Dude, Where is my Beer, I’ve been lucky enough to be in regular contact with Arik (one of the developers who created the game).

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time playing Dude, Where is my Beer.



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YouTuber, gamer and reviewer. I love point and click adventure games and anything to do with Star Wars and Marvel!