Kickstarter Campaign Launched for GRUNND Adventure

You can now back this mysterious, southern-gothic style side-scrolling point & click adventure game!

A Kickstarter campaign is up and running for GRUNND Adventure, a really immersive side-scrolling point & click adventure game.

You can find details of that here:

I first discovered this one on a thread I created on Twitter asking indie developers in the adventure game world to share the projects they were working on.

I was instantly taken in by the art style and vibe from the screenshots on the game’s Steam page and decided to check out the demo for more.

I even made a video for my YouTube channel of me playing the demo so my viewers could get a bit of a feel for the game too.

You can see that here (and also on the Kickstarter campaign page too, woo!):

A Bit About the Game

We play as a man who has become tired of his mundane, repetitive 9–5 lifestyle and has fallen into a bit of a rut.

After drifting off to sleep on a train, we wake up to find ourselves in a strange, unknown train station with very few people around.

There’s something odd about this place. Mysterious. Creepy but beautiful.

And the hand-crafted art style (in full 4K) is absolutely wonderful. The use of lighting and shadow is very clever and adds to the feeling of immersion throughout.

It’s possible to drift away from the main story with a series of side-quests to check out if you want to experience more.

Plus, there’s more than one ending to the main game which gives that replay factor that I always enjoy.

I certainly found it to be one of those games that you want to play for just 5 minutes more. And then of course, another 5 minutes. Until you realise it’s been 30 minutes and you’re still not ready to stop playing.

I’d highly recommend playing the demo for yourself to see what I mean.

A beatiful combination of warm colour for the skies, and cold mists and shadow in the foreground gives a fantastic contrast

More About the Campaign

The campaign for GRUNND launched on 30th June and is now quickly approaching the 50% mark with 21 days still to run.

As you’d expect, there’s lots of different rewards you can receive in return for backing the project too.

Anything from a collection of HD screenshots of the game, to live tours with the developers, and the ability to test the DevBuild.

All backers will also receive their name in the end credits of the game which is always nice.

If you enjoy playing point & click games with a bit of mystery to them, it’s definitely worth your time checking this one out!

Speak soon guys!

Turian x



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